Daily Caller Finds 28 Capitol Hill Beauties in a Single Afternoon

On Wednesday, The Hill published its annual list of “The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People,” which caused quite a buzz around Washington.

The list typically generates explosive chatter among Hill staffers and D.C. journalists, but the response to this year’s list mainly questioned how deserving those 50 people really were. So The Daily Caller, in its typical brash fashion, decided it could do a better job. In fact, it decided, their interns could do a better job (because interns are great).

So a team of three Daily Caller interns was dispatched to Capitol Hill Wednesday afternoon with cameras and instructions to stalk good-looking Hill staffers. The team was made up of Ariel Cohen, Elizabeth Dorton and the now-famous young intern Gabe Finger.

They came back with “The 28 Most Beautiful People On The Hill That TheDC’s Interns Found In A Single Afternoon.” The list, as The Daily Caller notes, “has no particular order and is of course composed entirely of women.”

Kate Upton apparently wasn’t on the Hill visiting her uncle, Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), or she would have undoubtedly been on the list.

But 28 others found themselves on the list, and we have to say, those interns have pretty good eyes when it comes to spotting beautiful people on the Hill.

According to Daily Caller publicist Nicole Roeberg, many of the staffers that the interns approached thought The Hill’s list was subpar, though some didn’t want to be on The Daily Caller’s list.

“Many of the people who wouldn’t allow their photo to be taken still mocked the list that The Hill produced and thought it was great that we were doing our own list,” Roeberg wrote in an email to FBDC.

“People fought for weeks to get on The Hill’s list, and then had to prep for the professional photo shoots. We gave people 20 seconds to get ready for a photo taken by an intern, and they all look fantastic.”

With their list, The Daily Caller proved that Capitol Hill was a much more attractive place than The Hill made it out to be, and for that, we’re thankful.

“I’m not sure how much it cost The Hill to produce their list,” Roeberg continued. “ But since we sent interns, we feel we got a good return on our investment.”