Daily Caller Persists With Sen. Menendez

You’d have thought that the hooker confusion from earlier in the week would’ve been enough excitement for The Daily Caller‘s Executive Editor David Martosko, who has spearheaded the publication’s hooker coverage ever since original hooker beat reporter Matthew Boyle left for Breitbart.com.

But no.

Today Martosko and Charles Johnson, team up (yes, these things sometimes require teams) to write about a book that came out last year. The headline: “BOOK EXCERPT: Bob Menendez ran political machine in New Jersey’s corrupt ‘ground zero.'” The story contains quotes about Menendez from 2005 and discusses an investigation led by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie about a nonprofit that rented property from Menendez in the book that came out last year. “Through the courtesy of St. Martin’s Press, The Daily Caller is republishing those pages,” Martosko and Johnson write.

The story basically reiterates…all the points they’ve already covered. They also double down on those prostitutes, writing, “The senator has staked out a position that he has done nothing wrong or unethical, including after The Daily Caller first published allegations that he slept with prostitutes, including some allegedly underage Dominican girls provided by [Saloman] Melgen.”

What’s next? Are we going to see a rerun of those alleged hookers with the white bubbles over their faces? We did love that translator immensely. But please, Martosko, how about some new info before dragging this thing on?

We’ve requested comment from Martosko on why he felt the need to publish excerpts from a 2012 book and whether he has been able to confirm that the prostitutes interviewed by The Daily Caller who claimed to have sex with Menendez haven’t been paid off.

Read the story here. Or just go buy that book, Chris Christie: The Inside Story of His Rise to Power by Bob Ingle and Michael Symons.