D. Shuster Wants to Shake Things Up

A new radio show is launching in Washington this weekend and David Shuster is host.

Whoa! That D. Shuster?

The show debuts this weekend from Noon to 3 p.m. on 1480 AM otherwise known as We Act Radio DC. Among D.’s guests will be Roll Call‘s Paul Singer. D. says he will continue his duties as a fill-in for Keith Olbermann on Current TV.

In other D. Shuster news that he won’t SHUT UP about (we’re totally kidding, D.), he’s launching a new website that he claims will be “amazing” and “shake things up.” Watch out Politico CLICK. “I’ve been working with a few friends on a new journalism venture that we are beginning to roll out on FB, twitter, and via a radio show I’m hosting each Saturday in DC starting this weekend,” he told FishbowlDC. “We aren’t doing a full pr blitz just yet… that will come later in the spring. The website we launch in a few months will be pretty amazing and should shake things up.”

We cannot wait.

UPDATE: Why is Shuster jumping into this new radio show? Find out…

Shuster explains that the studio is in Anacostia on MLK avenue.  “You should come by and visit… it’s got a ‘do the right thing’ vibe,” he says, adding that much of the radio station programming is “progressive news talk.”

Details about his program: “My show will be non-partisan, in that we are broadcasting information about government and politics, not opinion,” he says. “And we aren’t telling listeners which developments in Congress and its agencies they should support or oppose… just the opportunities to influence outcomes.”

A couple of D.’s friends and family members have asked why he’s jumping into local broadcasting in the midst of the “national stuff for Current and previous career work.”

He replies, “The reason is simple. I’ve been a resident of DC for nearly 20 years; I’m passionate about this city and all who make this place their ‘home.’  And I love the idea of leveraging my broadcast journalism skills to specifically help educate and inform the folks who live here.  I’ll continue to do national stuff, but connecting with DC a little each week was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.  Plus, I think the Take Action News concept will be particularly useful for DC residents.  And, it’s a great starting point for the TAN venture. Anyway, does that make sense?  I hope I’m not sounding too cheesy… but if I am, I’m sure you will mock me appropriately.”