D-Lister Actor Pinches Woman’s Behind at Elle Party

Richard Kind. Heard of him?

Well, he’s not that kind. In fact, he behaved like kind of a d–k at a private dinner last night at Washington’s Ritz hotel to honor women in media like CBS’s Norah O’Donnell and MSNBC’s Alex Wagner. The event was also hosted by Elle Magazine, Lani Hay, president of Lanmark Technology and the Creative Coalition.

Early on, Kind, 55, though schlubby and pasty, seemed ordinary and sociable. He looked like someone you’ve seen on TV but can’t quite place him, which is how it is with the myriad of D-listers cropping up for this weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday night. Turns out he was on Spin City. He played the character of Paul Thomas Lassiter. He also had a reoccurring role on Scrubs, playing an annoying hypochondriac named Mr. Harvey Corman. George Clooney, another actor who will attend the WHCD this weekend, was the best man at his wedding in 1999.

As the evening progressed, Kind’s unkind personality emerged. He began spouting off against Utah and Mormons, not caring that there was a woman from Utah (and a Mormon) in his midst. A partygoer tried to gently nudge him to pipe down. “What am I supposed to do, not speak my mind?” he asked.

Well, yeah, for starters, that’s a fantastic idea. But then he moved his dickishness to the next level by pinching a woman’s derriere. He then looked at her and laughed. The woman didn’t see it coming. She asked another partygoer, “Who is that old guy?”

Said a different partygoer, “He wishes he was D-list. He’s like L-list. Loser.”

Apart from Kind, the evening was lovely and the other males in the Creative Coalition entourage behaved like complete gentleman. Tim Daly, an actor on Private Practice and longtime member of the Creative Coalition, is a known commodity during WHCD weekend. He sat and chatted with female guests. He didn’t pinch their asses. In fact, the women at our table couldn’t stop marveling over how nice and normal he is.

Kind may want to take some social cues.