D.C. Journos Make Salon‘s ‘Hack List’

While Barbara Walters picked 2011’s “Most Fascinating People,” Salon’s Alex Pareene (a.k.a. the Prince of Preach) picked 2011’s biggest “hacks.”

The list, which will be up on Salon‘s site in full by Friday afternoon, is made up of 20 of dweebie Pareene’s “least favorite political commentators, newspaper columnists, political news show hosts, and constant cable news presences.” Several beltway journalists are in the bottom 10.

Coming in at 19 at is WaPo‘s Ruth Marcus, who Pareene describes as “an eminently predictable fount of polite elite Beltway-area opinion.” He says her “hackiest moment” this year was when she used her column to chastise Emma Sullivan, the 18-year-old student who tweeted to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback that he “sucks.”

Number 15 is CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer. Pareene says Blitzer “might be the single dumbest person on television” and says his hackiest moment is any one of his “many, many Donald Trump interviews.” He describes them as “A buffoon flattering a narcissistic clown with attention.”

Host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” (which Pareene calls an “extended advertisement for Starbucks products”) Joe Scarborough came in next at 14. Scarborough has an “odd belief that he is funny and charming,” Pareene says. Hackiest moment: the godawful 9/11 tribute song “Reason to Believe” Scarborough released this year.