Less Than Half Of Customers Trust Ads On Social Networks [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do your customers trust your messages?

You’d like to think so. But irrespective of how many thousands of dollars you have invested in a first-rate marketing campaign, getting your target audience to believe you is by no means guaranteed. Indeed, people are far more likely to believe recommendations from friends and family – and even strangers – than they are from brand messages online, and ads on social networks are amongst some of the least trusted forms of advertising.

Less than half (48 percent) of consumers say that they trust ads on social networks, reveals a new study from Nielsen, which still fares better than online banner ads (42 percent) and text ads on mobile phones (37 percent).

This infographic from Ciceron takes a closer look at why earning your customer’s trust still relies more on advocates than advertising for online brands.

(Source: Ciceron. Free image: Alan O’Rourke via Flickr.)