Curling iPhone Stats App Priced a Bit High: $99.99

Screenshot courtesy of Andrew Flemming

For reasons I can’t explain, I’ve enjoyed watching the sport of Curling since I was a kid in a town where it was televised fairly regularly. To this day I don’t actually understand the rules. But, I just found watching it played interesting (and maybe even relaxing).

Out of curiousity, I searched for Curling related iPhone apps. Most of the apps are in the free to $3.99 range. But, then I saw this app…

CurlBook 1.2.1

The description says it is a: high-performance curling coaching tool. It does this by letting you: Track teams & players across multiple games end events, scoring shots by percentage, shot-type, shot-turn, and miss-type.

From what I read on its website (, it is essentially a statistics and note-keeping app for curling leagues/competitions. Its price? Would you believe $99.99?

It was released on January 7, 2010 and has no customer reviews. Has anyone bought this app? Is it really worth $99.99?