Curbed Picks Its Year-End Favorites in NY


Ah, the heck with it. We keep saying we know how many year end lists there are and how we’re going to kinda keep it to a bare minimum, but who are we to resist the charms of these things? Case in point, we were once again swayed by our friends over at Curbed with part two of their Curbed Awards ’07, particularly yesterday’s category, architecture. It’s not a huge feature, but it gets the job done, picking out a batch of the best of the best of what’s going on in buildings in New York. Their pick of the year? The New Museum of Contemporary Art, even though they did have some funny things to say about it, like also giving the museum the award for the most “overhyped staircase of the year.” Here’s why it received it:

In what some may see as a shocking upset, the New Museum’s four-foot-wide highstepper takes the crown over Frank Gehry’s service sensation for overhyped staircase of the year. What gave the New Museum the edge? Nearly every critic mentioned the gallery-connecting steps in museum reviews, and it was even described as “found space,” despite the fact that the New Museum was just built from the ground up.