Cumulus’ Latest New York Entry–WFME Begins as WPLJ Simulcast

Let the speculation begin! The newest radio station in New York City, officially licensed to Newark, is now part of the Cumulus family. WFME 94.7 FM is the former New York home of Family Radio.

On Friday afternoon, Cumulus flipped the switched on its newest commodity, and thus opened the floodgates to rumor. For those rumor mongers, the call letters, at least for now, are the curious–WRXP.

Not exactly evoking such lasting memories, WRXP had two lives in New York. It predated Merlin Media with Alternative Rock at 101.9. However, when Merlin yanked the FM News concept within a year it rolled out the red carpet with the previous format and calls.

As is the case whenever a slot on the dial becomes available, the prevailing thought is, or perhaps hope, now a Country format can work in New York. But the WRXP calls may have squelched that idea.

While we’re not in the business of spreading speculation, one item has caught our eye. The possibility that CBS Radio’s CBS Sports Radio, which does not have an outlet here, save for brief segments on WFAN, will turn up on 94.7. It’s beyond a reach, but given the fluidity of radio in recent months, never say never.

For the record, a Cumulus spokesperson would not comment on any final format for 94.7 or even how long the WPLJ simulcast would last.

“I do not have any information as of now,” the spokesperson tells FishbowlNY. “Stay tuned!”