Creepy Giant Babies Urge Londoners to Bet on Royal Baby’s Hair Color

Well, it’s moments like this that make us even more proud to have celebrated our independence from British rule yesterday, if for no other reason than we can claim at least a bit of separation from the royal baby mania that led to this creep-tastic campaign.

With only weeks left until the regal infant is due to make his or her debut, speculation over everything from the baby’s gender to its future choice of university has reached a fever pitch. Cashing in on all the conjecture is British gambling website Paddy Power, which is taking bets on just about everything related to the future royal.

In an attempt to urge locals to cast their bets as to the child’s hair color, Paddy Power sent four people dressed as rather hideous giant babies into the streets of London. The gargantuan infants were spotted by unfortunate commuters on the London tube, and later outside Buckingham Palace (more photos below).

The gambling website is no stranger to weird, tasteless marketing stunts; Paddy Power was responsible for the most complained-about ad in the UK in 2010, which involved a blindfolded soccer player kicking a cat.

Oh, and in case you were curious, the current hair color odds are: ginger 7/1, brunette 6/4, black 2/1 and blonde 7/2.

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