Creative Publicity Vehicles Are Heating Up This Summer

Stylish art and fashion projects make their mark in the U.S. and abroad.

Solar Powered Three ModelsHeat waves aside, summer is an ideal time for road trips and getaways that take advantage of the great outdoors…so client programs during this time of year often venture outside. A couple of projects from July caught our eye: the Dream Machine by weR2, a custom designed Airstream making stops at museums and art galleries in the Hamptons, and J Summer Fashion Show, a catwalk that took place at a solar power plant in Seville, Spain.

While the projects are very different, they share a few common elements:

Novelty factor

J Summer Fashion Show on July 17 featured the first ever solar powered catwalk, at the Gemasolar plant in southern Spain, which has also been the setting for several movies.

The Dream Machine’s Airstream serves as an exhibition space, travel trailer and pop-up shop, with an artist’s brightly colored graffiti-style wrap surrounding the shiny metallic vehicle. The deluxe camper’s rollout began in early July on Long Island’s eastern end, where it will stay through Labor Day.

Dream Machine Resized TwicePart of a branded series

Both projects represent a continuation of event series designed to ensure that audiences look forward to new installments.

J Summer Fashion Show is the 10th event staged by producer and model Jessica Mihn Ahn. Prior locations included One World Trade Center in New York, the Grand Canyon Skywalk, London’s Tower Bridge and Paris’ Eiffel Tower, among others.

The Dream Machine has made prior appearances at the Miami Art Fair, the entrance to New York’s High Line and the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, CT. Each time a variety of public and private programs have been held onsite.

Collaboration of artists and designers

J Model Management shows highlight a range of global fashion and accessory designers. The summer catwalk, for example, showcased haute couture dresses, luxury jewelry and a Spanish flamenco collection. (The spring fashion show on New York’s Hudson River also featured a local brand: Ivanka Trump‘s jewelry).

For the Dream Machine, weR2 collaborated with various designers on home accessories to be sold from the Airstream such as beach blankets, throw pillows, tote bags and serving trays.

Solar Powered Catwalk JMA Flamenco Dress RedDigital technology

J Summer Fashion Show was photographed from various angles using drone technology that highlighted the sun’s effects on the cutting-edge mirrors.

The Dream Machine features an art project that retrofits unused television frequencies for two-way broadband connectivity.

Weather: the ultimate challenge

In an interview with Elle Italia, Minh Ahn once said, “The weather and logistics have always been the major challenges, but if it’s not tough, it’s not fun.” She must have thoroughly enjoyed the show on July 17, since the models managed to dodge a nearby storm.

Indeed, both projects involve environmental and technological feats. The solar power plant converts sun rays into electricity and the Airstream project recycles unused frequency waves.

But we’re still looking for a more elusive goal: a project that reduces the intensity of this summer’s heat waves.

(Images courtesy of weR2 and J Model Management)