Creative Coalition Brings the Sparkle

Members of the media covering the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and its accompanying events are well acquainted with the parade of celebs that trooped around Washington last week on behalf of the Creative Coalition.

On Thursday night the stars showed up to the Ritz where Lanmark Technology’s Lani Hay and Elle magazine were hosting a dinner, followed by an after party at Lani’s house not to mention a really heavy gift bag that included a giant bottle of Vermont Vodka. “American Pie” actor Jason Biggs was a big hit at dinner — he posed for pensive pictures. He made a special point of going around to each person at the table and offering a personal introduction. At one point during dinner he began talking about his wife and two dogs. He got the pet owners at the table to show off pictures of their dogs.

“I love that bitch,” Biggs said. We think  he was referring to both his wife and the dogs.

Sitting at other tables around the room were actors David Arquette, a very pregnant Alyssa Milano and Tim Daly (Private Practice).

This year the after party at Lani’s house in Palisades didn’t include a stripper pole, but there was the LA-based rock band Juke Kartel that came to perform at the party. Just before dinner, lead singer Toby Rand decided to make a pretty big announcement. “I’m running for president,” the spiky-haired Australian told FishbowlDC, citing Bill Clinton as his favorite prez. “We’ve come to D.C. to drink the politicians’ alcohol – it’s great.”

Jason Biggs relaxes after dinner.

Jessica Hoy and Mr. Baltimore.

Juke Kartel

Partygoers at Lani’s house.

Mr. Baltimore

Outdoor bed at Lani’s house.