Create A Quick Journalism Portfolio With Contently

If you’re a journalist without an online profile, your excuses for not having one yet probably start with lack of time or web design talent, and include a slew of legitimate roadblocks including not knowing what to include or how to present it, not having extra cash to buy or host your own domain, or not knowing how to promote it once it exists.

Put the excuses behind you because Contently‘s got a new (well no longer invite only, as we initially wrote about awhile ago) and ridiculously simple way to create a portfolio. It removes at least 90 percent of those “reasons” why you don’t already have one. It’s free and it only takes a few minutes to put together an automatically built portfolio. So whether you’re job hunting, or just want to make sure your work is easy to find, you should look into Contently’s new PORTFOLIO+.

Infographic courtesy Contently

From their blog post announcing the product:

The media industry is changing, and to keep up, the creative talent that fuels it needs to be on the bleeding edge of innovation and technology. Over the last few years, companies like Behance and have stepped in to empower visual creators – artists, designers, and the like – to make ideas happen and spread their work. However, a gap has existed where journalists and storytellers live, struggling to build personal brands and make an impact as the economics of the web conspire to commoditize creativity.

The site takes a little bit of information your provide, and automatically finds your clips and connections online. It didn’t catch everything I’d written (much of it now behind paywalls) or even the logos of each publication when I quickly populated it with a few publications I’ve written for, but it did find several clips I didn’t realize were still online. You can also choose to link the account to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts to give you statistics on who’s sharing it. Also, since there’s no way to post your resume, per se, that LinkedIn connection makes it easy for people to find your full out resume.

You can see my personal, very quickly (less than 5 minutes) put together profile here. Eventually, I’ll have time to wade through all the clips it found and actually select the best ones to feature, but for now, at least this is out there adding to my SEO juice. Yes, it doesn’t offer you a ton of customization, but that’s kind of the point: It’s so easy even “lack of time” isn’t a legitimate excuse to not have any online portfolio. When you’re ready to customize, that’s when you start looking into your own domain, using WordPress, hiring someone to (or learning how to) design the page, etc.