Crazy News Stories of the Week

Herpes-infected monkeys on the loose in Florida

In the 1930’s, a Florida tour guide was inspired by “Tarzan” to bring a rare species of wild monkeys to the state, NY Post‘s Natalie O’Neil reports. Originally, they were small in number and contained on a island, but in recent decades, they’ve learned to swim, and have been spotted many miles away on the mainland. And the worst part? Of the more than 700 monkeys caught in the past decade, most of them have tested positive for the Herpes-B virus. The monkeys are now considered a health hazard to the state.

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Jimmy Kimmel trolls the Internet

You know that video of the girl catching herself on fire while twerking? Yes, that one. As it turns out, the whole thing was set up by Jimmy Kimmel. The Atlantic‘s Alexander Abad-Santos reports that Kimmel revealed on his late-night show this week that the girl in the video is actually a stunt woman and that he recorded the video a few months earlier. After posting it on YouTube last week without any type of promotion, the video had reached more than 9 million views by Monday night.

12-year-old girl survives rare brain-eating infection

While swimming at a water park in July, 12-year-old Kali Hardig contracted parasitic meningitis, a rare infection caused by brain-eating amoebas that has a survival rate of less than 1 percent. Of the 128 people who have contracted the infection in the last half-century, only two survived. But as CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen reports, Hardig is one of the extremely lucky ones who made it. Doctors treated Hardig with anti-fungal medicine, antibiotics and a new experimental drug from the CDC. Hardig will return to school part-time Monday.

Low estrogen causes men to feel less manly

When men are feeling less manly, it can be contributed to a drop in which hormone level? If you said testosterone, you’re right. But if you said estrogen, you’re also right. Slate‘s Amanda Marcotte reports that a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that things like weight gain or decreased libido can be credited to drops in testosterone as well as estrogen. The study says that people generate a mix of both hormones, and that changes with either one can have effects on the body.

Mayor of Alaska town released from veterinary hospital

The mayor of a small town in Alaska has recovered from an assassination attempt, and was released from a veterinary hospital earlier this week. The Daily Caller‘s Robby Soave reports that Stubbs the cat, who has been mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska for 16 years, was viciously attacked by a dog. Stubbs won the ceremonial mayoral seat after winning a write-in election. Cat food company 9Lives’ mascot, Morris the Cat, is a friend and political ally of Stubbs. The company has offered to pay for his $3,000 medical expenses.