Crazy Bit Gets a Big Response From Its S.O.S. on Facebook

S.O.S. is an adventure game from Russian developer Crazy Bit. It officially launched on July 27 after an open testing period that began in March of this year. The game has seen fairly rapid growth, landing on our top 20s rankings by the beginning of August.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, S.O.S. currently has 396,559 monthly active users and 13,632 daily active users.

Similar in premise to a title we previously covered, The Island: Castaway, S.O.S. has players controlling a plane crash survivor stranded on a deserted island. The goal is simple: survive. In order to do so, players must clear land, build shelter, plant crops and so on. Nearly every action the player initiates requires energy, which recharges over time or can be refilled via food (or purchased). Players can customize their survivor avatar with a variety of facial, hair and clothing options.

Various objectives are presented to add some structure to the experience, and completing these rewards the player with experience points, resources and “greenbacks” — the game’s soft currency. Players can also get bonus rewards for finding special items that are used to complete collections. In a somewhat fresh twist to the farming simulation on Facebook, a weather mechanic (shown with an on-screen forecast for each day) affects the yield of crops harvested on a particular day.

Social features include inviting friends to become neighbors, with standard visit bonuses and construction item gifting. Players can also share their accomplishments through viral channels including friends’ Walls.

The developer could not be reached for comment on its future plans for the title, but does seem to be keeping pace with reports of bugs on the game’s Wall and addressing them while adding new features and content on a regular basis.

You can follow S.O.S.’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.

CORRECTION: A previous draft of this story incorrectly listed Creara as the developer. According to representatives from Crazy Bit, the Russia-based Creara served as publisher on S.O.S., but that relationship has ended now that Creara is no longer active.