Craigslist Fail Of The Week: This Has Got To Be A Joke

We found this ad for an editor in Chicago and there are so many things wrong with it that we’re almost convinced it’s a joke.

No link, because it’ll be removed in about 30 seconds anyway after being flagged by thousands of angry freelance editors.

Here’s what the ad says:

I have written a draft text for a new website, and I need help proofreading, editing, polishing, or even rewriting it, so that it is grammatically correct and expresses my idea in a better way.

Women are preferred since it is a very womanly subject.

It has less than 12,000 words. I offer to pay $80 per project ($2 per 300 words rate based on original word count).

I need it done in a week (7 days) from the moment I send you the text. Pay goes down 10% for every day of delay, so if you can’t commit, do not email me.

If interested, please email me about your experience and examples of your writing.

If I get a lot of responses and cannot decide, I may ask you to proof read ” a trial page” for free and decide based on that.

Thank you for your interest.

Where to even start?

The sentence “it is a very womanly subject” is absolutely terrifying. What, have you written about menstruation or something?

The pay, just barely more than half a penny per word, is doubly terrifying.

And the threat of lowering pay 10% every day. Come on.

On second thought, this is too awful to be a joke. Sigh.