CQPolitics Party Tomorrow

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

George, Abe, Tom and Teddy.

The Presidential foursome, who usually reside on Mt. Rushmore, are slated to wander the halls of the Historic Carnegie Library on Thursday night to witness the launch party for CQPolitics.com. (Will there be any footraces, like at Nats games?!?)

Dressed in period costumes with giant foam caricature heads, they’ll be experiencing a touch of modern Americana by dining on truffles mac ‘n cheese and lollipop lobster.

Other guests may spend more time looking for their houses than watching the CQ monitors. Part of the Historic Carnegie Library’s allure is the gigantic city map that turns guests into sleuths. Lit from beneath, the details appear through glass tiles as curiosity seekers wander about with heads down. On the upside, huge monitors will project the new site along with the cocktail tables manned with embedded monitors. Right now, CQers are trying to decide whether or not to make them static or Internet connected. If the later prevails, journalists can file their stories while having a drink compliments of CQ. For a sneak preview go to