CQ Weekly Gets New, Ripe Editor

CQ Roll Call has handpicked John Cranford to be the new editor of CQ Weekly, a spot left vacant by Fred Barbash, who recently left for Reuters. Cranford’s previous role there was as a story consultant and line editor. He first came to CQ in 1984.

“I’ve been around the CQ newsroom since the days of the Daily Monitor and when the only color in the Weekly was CQ Green, so I’m excited to take the magazine helm,” Cranford told FishbowlDC.  “I’ve actually done this before, in 2003-2004, and I guess I can’t resist coming back.”

Cranford’s first day back was Monday.

Editorial Director Mike Mills announced the news in a recent memo. Also: See Cranford on his hog…

To the editorial staff:

I’m thrilled to announce that John Cranford is taking the helm of the CQ Weekly magazine.

For the Weekly editor, we need someone who knows policy inside out but can translate it into English, someone who can step in and drive the publication immediately, but also lead it into the future. The job requires someone who is a story doctor, a conceptual thinker and who knows the newsroom and its myriad talents.

All that describes John Cranford.

John is well-known to the news staff. He serves as a story consultant, career guide and a steady line editor to many reporters in the room. But for those who don’t know his background, here’s a quick summary:

John has worked for more than three decades as a reporter and editor, much of that time covering economics and government fiscal and monetary policy. He joined CQ in 1984, first as economics editor and then as senior economics writer, covering the stock market crash of 1987, and the savings and loan and banking crises of the late 1980s and early 1990s. For six years, he was senior economics editor at Bloomberg News before returning to CQ in 2003. He currently serves as managing editor for enterprise reporting and writes a weekly column called Political Economy. He is the author of Budgeting for America, a 1989 CQ book on federal budget policy.

He’ll take over on June 4.

Please join me in congratulating John on this important move.

Mike and Susan