Suspicious Package Nixes CQ Roll Call Access

Here’s the 411 on that 911 crisis at CQ Roll Call today. Access to the CQRC office building was blocked late this morning on account of a suspicious package. Employees were not evacuated from the building, but they were not permitted to enter.

Kathy Black, who has the lengthy title of Vice President of Project Management and Business Systems Analysis, sent a strange notice to employees. Good thing they know how to access the “alert centre” right? The notice:

This is an important message from Kathy Black. CQ Roll Call ALERT: SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE found at 1st and K Street NE. Please shelter in place and avoid this area. You may have received multiple copies of this alert, but you only need to respond to one. Please acknowledge receipt of this alert by replying to this e-mail or by logging into the Alert centre at [sic]

If you need to respond with a custom message, reply with your response in the subject line or first line of the message body (up to 20 characters).

Thank you

Soon enough the all clear message was dispatched. Crisis averted.