CQ Copy Desk Editor to Retire

And they are dropping like flies.

Earlier today we reported that Roll Call Editor Scott Montgomery is leaving the publication to go to work for NPR. This afternoon we learn that Charlie Southwell, an editor on the CQ Copy Desk, is retiring. His last day is on Sept. 21. He worked there a whopping 27 years.

See the memo…

I’m sorry to report that Charlie Southwell, who’s been serving as an editor on the copy desk for 27 years, will be retiring from CQ. His last day will be a week from Friday.

Charlie’s experience, institutional knowledge, smart headline writing and copy-editing prowess will be difficult to replace. Often, instead of struggling with a headline or the just-right way to say something, we’ll “give it to Charlie,” and everyone knows what that means. He’ll quickly turn around several excellent options for us. We’ll miss that so much. But we’ll also miss his congeniality and his wicked sense of humor. And the copy desk will miss his never-ending supply of puns.

Please join us in wishing Charlie all the best as he starts the next chapter of his life. On his last day (Sept. 21), we’ll raise a little toast to his work here. Fortunately, he has left the door open to the possibility of freelancing for us in the future, so we’re just going to say “See you later” instead of good-bye.