CQ Acquires Political Money Line

From CQ’s David Rapp:

    To the Newsroom staff:

    This past Friday Bob Merry signed the closing papers for CQ to acquire Political Money Line, the leading independent source of campaign finance information, financial disclosure reports, lobbying registrations and 501(c) activities. The announcement will go public tomorrow morning. I believe this will prove to be one of the most signficant additions of new database content since CQ entered the online publishing world in 1984.

    Political Money Line (www.politicalmoneyline.com) is the creation of Kent Cooper and Tony Raymond, two longtime FEC officials who formed their own company (TRKC Inc.) about 10 years ago. In that time, they have built both a database powerhouse and a high-end customer base that will fit right into our own legislative tracking service, CQ.com. We have been in conversations with them for the past year about a merger of our two companies, and it’s a marriage that was clearly meant to be.

    CQ will take over the marketing and sales of PoliticalMoneyLine’s existing service immediately. By this time next year, we plan to have all their data integrated with our own Members, Votes and Bills databases. Until then, we plan to operate Political Money Line largely unchanged from what it is now.

    Kent and Tony will continue to provide information and data relationships to us under a separate service company, and they will be readily available to work with CQ reporters and editors on training and special editorial projects. Kent has offered to come to the newsroom during the August recess to help you learn the site. Within just a few days, every CQ staffer will have IP access to all their products.

    Anyone who has worked with Kent and Tony, or delved into their site, knows that this is the king of campaign finance databases. I couldn’t be more thrilled to bring the power of their service to our clients and to our news staff.

    See attachments for a FAQ sheet and the news release that will go out tomorrow. -dr