Cozy Coverage

This week we address the issue of access and what it brings you when it comes to FLOTUS coverage.  Politico‘s Amie Parnes wrote an abundance of stories this week. Several concerned attending a group lunch with first lady Michelle Obama.

So what did we learn? FLOTUS says POTUS hasn’t smoked in a “almost a year.” The news moved swiftly around the nation. She also has something called a “Let’s Move” campaign to stop childhood obesity that sometimes gains her as much criticism and grief as it does praise. Same goes for her well-toned upper arms. Parnes writes that FLOTUS is “in a proverbial fishbowl.” The real story here is that we’re suffocating from the same stories about her again and again. But that is the point, isn’t it? To saturate the media with stories such as the kid campaign. Or her vegetable garden. Yes, FLOTUS  wants kids to be slim and healthy, not fatties with high cholesterol.

At the all-female scribe luncheon at the White House, we learned that Parnes ate rock fish as opposed to the rack of lamb.

In other FLOTUS “news” this week, we once again found out that FLOTUS has a keen fashion sense. On Tuesday we learned that she wears clothes to “do the stuff you need to do.” We also learned in that story that foreign fashion designers have “cute stuff too.” (Are we being serious here?) She shops at H & M, wrote Parnes on Thursday. Did we not know about her fashion prowess?

Parnes score (on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being best): 6 Kisses. She has improved by writing some stories that could be labeled interesting as opposed to just glowing, but she’s got a ways to go in terms of being critical of anything the East Wing of the White House does.