Cover Iraq & Die


The Pew Research Center has released their latest survey on journalists in Iraq. To noone’s surprise, reporters from all segments of the media are unable to do their jobs for fear they will get killed. As the Times summarizes:

Almost two-thirds of the respondents said that most or all of their street reporting was done by local citizens, yet 87 percent said that it was not safe for their Iraqi reporters to openly carry notebooks, cameras or anything else that identified them as journalists. Two-thirds of respondents said they worried that their reliance on local reporters — including many with little or no background in journalism — could produce inaccurate or incomplete news reports.

The Americans also voiced serious concerns about how effectively they were able to do their own jobs. Most respondents said that the media did not do a good job covering the lives of ordinary Iraqis or reconstruction efforts, simply because those lines of reporting could be deadly.

Also, the current death toll for journalists in Iraq? 124 dead since 2003 and 49 support staff employees killed.

(Image via AFP)