Couric Settling In; Vieira Already Settled


Another day, another set of tiring media stories about how Katie Couric and Meredith Vieira are settling into their respective new desk chairs.

Via Howard Kurtz in the Washington Post:

The critics — and Katie Couric has more than her share — may not have noticed, but the nightly newscast that she launched three months ago is in transition. Some of the changes she made have been dropped or curtailed to squeeze in more old-fashioned, what-happened-today stories. And Couric is finally starting to make news for covering the news.

Vieira’s “settling in” though, has been “seamless“:

NBC News, which prides itself on smooth talent transitions, seems to have achieved it on the “Today” show, where Vieira slipped in beside Matt Lauer in September without roiling the morning show audience. “It has been too smooth,” said Jim Bell, “Today” executive producer. “It has been too good. As great a story as it has been for us, it has just been seamless and that may be why it hasn’t drawn as much attention.

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