Costner Makes Blogger’s Dreams Come True

kevin costner.jpegListen up celeb bloggers!

You don’t have to be bitchy like the self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media” Perez Hilton to get bold-faced names to read your random fan musings on news, pop culture or celebrity life. Just ask Evan Kessler.

He’s the celeb-friendy brain behind “If I Blog It They Will Come,” a blogspot devoted to Kevin Costner, and more specifically, aimed at getting the Oscar-winning actor to read his site and send in a pic of himself doing exactly that.

Kessler, who calls himself a “genuine fan,” can claim mission accomplished thanks to countless posts about the star and his work. Not only did he get one pic but he received three of Costner cozied up to his computer reading all the great things about his resume.

It may have started out as a “goofy venture” but Kessler can now set his sights on other celebs. But not before offering Costner his very own “If I Blog It They Will Come” t-shirt in return.