Costco Announced New Mobile Web Site: But Where is It?

I’ve mentioned Costco enough times here that it probably isn’t a secret that I frequent their stores. So, I happily accepted a coupon book for their sales starting on Black Friday (Nov. 26). The coupon book proudly announced a new mobile friendly website for Costco shoppers to use. There was just one little problem. After inspecting the information, I didn’t see a URL to point my mobile browser at. Fortunately, it wasn’t hard to guess that Costco’s web developers would choose a sensible mobile URL like:

The site lets you find what new products are available online (would you believe Sesame Street USB drives?), product category browsing, store location information, membership information, and online access to Costco’s store magazine, Costco Connection (and yes, I read it regularly).

So, there you go fellow Costco shoppers. You are now ready for serious mobile holiday shopping.