Cost-Cutting At The Register-Mail Creates Creative Jobs (Apply, Illinoisans!)

Two items of note from the Galesburg, Ill., Register-Mail:

Lisa Coon is joining the paper as assignments editor, replacing Elyse Russo, “who left to take a job in her family’s hardware company.”

Lisa, who was an editor at the Peoria Journal-Star until her position was eliminated in 2009 because of cutbacks, will be assigning stories for the food, religion, entertainment, lifestyles, business and education sections.

Second item: the Register-Mail is turning one fulltime photographer position into two part-time positions. (The full-time photographer reportedly resigned on his own.) This means that two people will get journalism jobs, minus job security or (possibly) healthcare! But they are jobs, and it is a newspaper hiring someone (two someones!), so we can’t complain too much.

The paper is:
“Looking for a photo journalist to work about 20 hours per week….[and]looking for a reporter to work the weekends, about 15 hours per week.”

Both of these jobs are open now. Send your resume and clips to the editor who wrote the original story.