LA Model Goes After Cosmopolitan

Even though Nicole Sione could easily grace the cover of Cosmopolitan, the model and one-time UCLA mass communications major has decided instead to wage a one-woman campaign against the magazine’s highly sexualized content. She shared a ten-minute video on Facebook in December explaining her views of the damage being done to young women by the magazine’s be-a-hooker-in-the-bedroom rah rah POV and has really ramped things up on FB in the New Year.

On Tuesday, Sione outlined her plans for a website dedicated to the cause, and late yesterday, she posted a rather amazing two-paneled photo of the January 2011 issue. Sione doesn’t reveal how she came across the material, but check out the two covers of Cosmo.

“I knew it!” says Sione’s accompanying FB status. “The advertisers have no idea about the content in the filthy magazine, they send THIS revised, edited cover to them so they’re completely unaware. Check this out. This is exactly how and why in the near future I’m going after the advertisers with highlighted texts to show them what’s really going on!”

The sanitized version of the Ashley Greene cover may actually have been designed more for retailers who prefer not to showcase the mag’s blaring, sexual headlines. But that in no way diminishes the validity of Sione’s efforts.