Cosmo Revamps Website has received quite a makeover. The site is slicker, faster and cleaner than the old version. Yes, it has the “mobile look” that many people don’t like — featuring the clickable menu in the upper lefthand corner of the page — but Cosmo’s isn’t as clunky as some we’ve seen.

An interesting aspect of the new site is something called “Marketplace,” which is essentially just a collection of sponsored links. By clicking “Best Designer Dresses,” you’re taken to another set of links to the advertisers’ sites. Marketplace is definitely one of the more clever forms of native advertising that we’ve seen.

The new is also customizable, which is a pretty cool feature. “That means the thumbnails below our logo will be customized for you based on the kinds of posts you routinely view, share, and spend the most time with,” explained Amy Odell,’s editor, in a note about the revamp. “Below each article you’ll also find a feed, much like our homepage news feed, of stories that relate to whatever you just read. If you finish reading a story about reproductive rights and want more, keep scrolling to find a whole feed of it.”

FishbowlNY is a fan of the new site, but please don’t hesitate to tell us what you think. We know you won’t.