CORRECTION: No Q2 Furloughs at Gannett

gannett03172010.pngCORRECTION: We’ve heard back from Gannett spokeswoman Robin Pence, who tells us, “Gannett will not have any furloughs at corporate, companywide or in our U.S. Community Publishing division during the second quarter.”

Our original post, which appeared yesterday, echoed a report from the Gannettoid Blog saying that high-paid employees at Gannett’s newspaper division would have to take unpaid leave. As you can see, that is not true. FishbowlNY regrets the error.

You can see yesterday’s post here. (We’ve corrected that too.) Our original post from today appears after the jump.

On Monday, the Gannettoid blog reported that Gannett employees making more than $90,000 a year would go on furlough for a week in the second quarter. We echoed that reporting yesterday.

Gannettoid updated late yesterday to say that both fellow Gannett watcher The Gannett blog and a tweet from Jim Romenesko indicate that there will not be any furloughs in the second quarter. The Gannett blog post also indicates that there are no current plans for division-wide layoffs.