Corn Fires Back at O’Reilly on Twitter

"This Just In: O'Reilly resorts to spin and name-calling. Stay classy."

Bill O’Reilly told TVNewser last night that the Mother Jones report questioning his Falkland War stories during his time at CBS is “a giant piece of defamation.” According to Politico, he had gone even further earlier that day — calling principal author and DC editor of Mother Jones, David Corn, “a liar” and a “despicable guttersnipe.”

O’Reilly, who CNN’s Brian Stelter called the “Brian Williams of cable news” in terms of ratings, claims Corn has a track record of libelous behavior toward him.

“All you have to do is Google David Corn and Fox News, Bill O’Reilly and you’ll see this guy has made a history of it,” O’Reilly told TVNewser. “This isn’t the first time this guy has done it.”

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz reported that Corn was a Fox News contributor from 2001 to 2008, but his contract was not renewed. When asked to elaborate on their history, O’Reilly called Corn a “far-left assassin,” saying “that’s what he does. Everybody knows that.”

Corn has been firing back at the Fox News host on Twitter ever since, attacking O’Reilly for spinning the story and name-calling:

Not backing down, he has continued his assault on O’Reilly with a fresh Mother Jones article today, once again calling out the host for not addressing his questions.   

More to come…

Video courtesy of Mother Jones.