CorkSavvy Says: Don’t Forget that Wine, Take its Picture, a Web site for wine lovers, has come out with a new mobile application designed to help keep you from forgetting the name and details of the wine you had with dinner by the time you make it to the store to pick up a bottle.

The free virtual wine cellar lets camera phone users snap a picture of the wine bottle label, e-mail it to and add a description of the wine. Later, when they’re at a wine store, they can log into their personalized CorkSavvy MyCellar account to access their virtual collection, add comments and catalog their entries.

Apparently wanting to ensure that everyone who wants to can enjoy wine to the fullest, CorkSavvy’s Web site creates accounts for new users when they upload their first photo. It also has tutorials to show new users how to add entries into their wine racks and diaries.