Copy LiveScribe Handwritten Notes to Evernote – Search Works Too!

LiveScribe’s Pulse smartpen is one of my favorite gadgets. It records my written notes, records audio (if I choose) and syncs it to my writing, and is handy to record podcasts when Skype is not an option (i.e., the guest and I are on a conventional phone call).

Evernote is one of my favorite web serivces and desktop/netbook/mobile apps. I use it daily to take notes and retrieve information. Wouldn’t it be great to link these two products together somehow. There isn’t any official mechanism linking the two. But, I found a tip in LiveScribe’s support forum that led helped me figure out how to do this without any special linkage.

Pulse Pen and Evernote

The forum tip is to copy a LiveScribe note page, paste it into an email client and send it to your Evernote account. Here’s my modified procedure for the Mac (it should work in Windows too):

1. Open an ink page in the LiveScribe app on your desktop or notebook computer
2. Edit/Copy (menu) the page to the clipboard
3. Start Evernote app on your Mac (or PC running Windows)
4. Create a new Evernote note
5. Paste the LiveScribe page you copied to the clipboard in step 3 into the new Evernote note
6. The note should be saved to Evernote automatically
7. Sync the Evernote app with your Evernote account

Evernote’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature is so good that I was able to find for the word “Chevy” in the handwritten note I saved (my handwriting is terrible). This search works for both Evernote’s web based service as well as apps on my Mac and iPhone.