Cool People On Twitter Follow Cool People On Twitter – But How Can You Tell Who They’re Following?

Checking out who other users are following on Twitter is a great way to find people to follow yourself. After all, there’s every chance that somebody you follow and respect is following even cooler people. And what about the people they are following – how cool must they be?

Problem is: how do you tell who other people are following?

Here’s the quickest way to do it.

Log in at and then find the profile you want to check out – for this to work it has to be somebody or something cool. I’m going to use our sister site Social Times for all examples – find them on Twitter under the username @socialtimes.

Observe the numbers in the top-right corner of the screen that show four pieces of information about the @socialtimes account – how many tweets they’ve published, how many people they are following, how many followers they have and how many lists they’ve been added to. As you can see, their numbers are pretty good!

To find out who Social Times are following on Twitter, all I have to do is click on the Following link – either the text or the number above it, which in this case is 249.

Alternatively, I can scroll down the sidebar a bit and click on the view all link next to the Following information there (the part with the avatars).

Click any of these and we’ll move to the screen we’re looking for – who @socialtimes are following. Once inside there are two further options: Tweets and People.

Twitter defaults to Tweets, which shows a list of all the people @socialtimes are following in order of their latest tweets.

Click on People, and you get a minimized list that shows the people @socialtimes are following in the reverse-chronological order that they followed them. That is, the most recent follow will be first.

If we move back to the main @socialtimes profile page, there’s a third way to access either of these following lists in a quicker way. Simply hit the Following dropdown above the @socialtimes tweets, and choose either View as Timeline or View as list of people from the menu.

You can scroll through either of these lists (Tweets and People) to check out everybody followed by anyone you like, and if you see anyone who takes your interest, somebody who looks cool, follow them. Here’s a little secret: cool begets cool, so it won’t be too long before people will be coming to your profile to check out who you’re following, too.