Convos Lets Your Share Your Location With Friends

Did you ever wish you could share where you are and what you are up to so that your friends can come and find you, but keep strangers from stalking you? Convos is a new app that aims to help people connect physically based on location and social networking tools with the people they want to connect with.

The app lets users share their location and what they are up to to help coordinate social plans. The tool lets you plan an event and share the details and location via text or a QR code and select who you’d like to see the information, so as to protect the privacy of your plans. The event shows up on a map, so that your friends can find their way to the location. The app is available for Android and iOS devices.

At CES this week, the Ford Motor Company introduced a similar service that lets drivers share the location of their car while they are driving via an app.