Continuum Posts Entire ‘Green Design’ Conference


If you happened to have missed last week’s conference on green design in the Boston offices of the firm Continuum, you’re in luck. They’ve just posted the entire event in video for all to see. It’s there you’ll see people like Robin Chase, founder of the Zipcar program, Herman Miller‘s Director of Environmental Safety & Sustainability, Paul Murray, and even Lewis Gordon Pugh, a guy who swam in the North Pole to prove a point about global warming (also likely to prove that you and your annual Polar Bear Club friends are a bunch of posers). Sure, the videos aren’t the greatest productions in the world, but there really isn’t much you can do with a bunch of people talking in front of a projector. And aren’t most conferences attended by people whose offices are paying for them to attend? Well, if you’re at the office watching video on the internet, it’s almost like you’re physically there, right? So plop down, get to watching and then spend the night in a hotel in some weird city (just to make the whole experience that much more realistic).