Contest Conundrum As You ‘Design for Paul McCartney’

Because the design world has been so vocal online for the lo these many years in regard to spec work (chiefly, of course, being against it), our anti-spec senses will likely now be forever heightened. So we’re not entirely sure what to do with the “Design for Paul McCartney” contest, which has just launched and will be running until September. In one sense, as it simply calls for “graphic art inspired by his critically acclaimed solo albums,” it’s a seemingly innocuous way to interact with fans and give the winners some nice prizes (which includes records, posters, tickets to shows, $1000 for the grand champion, etc.). On the other hand, the contest is helping launch a new tech start-up called Talenthouse, the top 10 winners will be displayed at Saatchi & Saatchi‘s online gallery (and if they wind up selling prints, is that $1000 prize such a great deal?), and, most obviously, used to help sell McCartney’s concert tickets and albums. So are we thinking too much into this? Or is it just your usual branded contest, like a Super Bowl commercial-making competition where, if you win, you get $1,000 for making a stellar ketchup ad, but the company in turn makes loads of money that dwarf the piddly sum they paid you? We don’t have the answer. Whatever the case, if entering this sort of thing gets you going, well there’s the link above. If it’s the sort of thing that gets you fired up, well we apologize for ruining your morning.