Conrad Black: The Jailbird Rants

How cracked out is disgraced press baron Conrad Black? The soon-to-head-to-jail embezzler is running riot in a New York Sun op-ed slamming William Buckley and Henry Kissinger for not standing by him during his trial. The money quote?

Knowing Mr. Kissinger as well as I do, I suspected that he would behave as Richard Nixon told me he generally did when a colleague came under pressure: privately declare solidarity with both sides and separate himself, so that neither side would confuse him with the other side, until it became clear which side had won. He promised more, and I hoped for more, but Mr. Kissinger is an 84-year old fugitive from Nazi pogroms, and has made his way famously in the world by endlessly recalibrating the balance of power and correlation of forces in all situations. […] His statements, publicly and to the FBI, that I am probably guilty of something but that he “never deserts a friend,” are not heroic or even accurate, but on past form, not altogether a surprise either.

Translation: “Grumble, grumble, I always thought you’d be a back-stabber, Henry.”

But it’s not like Black ever worried himself over hanging out with someone who ordered the carpet-bombing of a neutral country, either.