Congratulations: The Winners

72,000+ votes, countless GOTV campaigns, endless “Vote for Me!” emails, who-knows-how-many “Have you seen who’s winning on FishbowlDC?” conversations, loads of “That chick came out of nowhere!” shocks and awes, so many emails (that we’ll never reveal) sent to us by nominees wrestling with exactly which mugshot looks the hottest, plenty more emails loving or hating the finalists and loads of IT professionals who have more important things to do than, well, you know

…we present to you, FishbowlDC’s 2006 Hottest Media Types Winners:

The Washington Times’ John “Beer Drinkers Make Better Lovers” McCaslin

NPR’s John “Paleez…Ain’t Nobody Taking Away My Crown” Hendren

NPR’s Elizabeth “Finally: No More ‘Face for Radio’ Jokes” Shogren

“America’s Most Wanted”‘s Lesley “I May Or May Not Have Baked Brownies For My IT Department Last Night!” Lopez

Until next year, folks…Get on those treadmills.

(Winners: Shoot an email to patrick AT mediabistro DOT com)