Condé Nast Slows Production of Magazines for iPad

If you’re not standing on solid ground, there’s no need to build a house, right? We promise we didn’t read that on a fortune cookie, it’s just the first thing we thought of when we read that Condé Nast is halting production of any new iPad magazine editions until it has the platform figured out.

Currently the publishing house has eight iPad magazine editions. The titles without iPad verisons include Vogue, Teen Vogue, Details, Architectural Digest, Brides, Lucky, Golf World, Bon Appetit and Conde Nast Traveler.

An unnamed Condé Nast Publisher tells Ad Age that the “less is more” attitude is a new way of thinking:

It’s a shift. The official stance was we’re going to get all our magazines on the iPad because this is going to be such an important stream. The new change is maybe we can slow it down. In my opinion it makes Conde look smart because we have the ambition, but we’re not rushing.

Seems like the right move to us. Oh, and we know what we said in the first paragraph isn’t a “fortune,” but those damn cookies never give fortunes anyway, so that’s all you’re getting too.

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