Keith J. Kelly Has Fun With Some Condé Nast News

A two-man household with three creative director titles.

As Keith J. Kelly so often does, we now know the the rest of the (back)story.

The Post media vet writes this morning that Raul Martinez had been Condé Nast’s de facto corporate creative director for some time. But with Wednesday’s formal promotion of Martinez to the position by boss Anna Wintour, it’s now official and, apparently, officially chuckle-worthy:

The change is likely to heat up the Condé-Hearst battle because Martinez’s business and life partner, Alex Gonzalez (pictured), works crosstown as the consulting creative director at Elle, a Hearst mag and one of Vogue’s main rivals.

Gonzalez earlier oversaw design overhauls at two other Hearst titles — Marie Claire and Town & Country. “It’s hilarious,” said one source, referring to the rivalry.

Gonzalez joined Elle in the creative director capacity last summer.

Kelly also reveals that Martinez’s April 1 promotion has triggered changes to the latter’s title and role at AR New York, the design firm co-founded in 1996 with Gonzalez. Impressively, this all still leaves the Martinez-Gonzalez household with a combined total of three different creative director titles. (At the AR New York end, Gonzalez is executive creative director.)

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