Conan Airs His Grievances

Yes, we were one of the many who tuned in last night to watch the “Tonight Show” to see just what Conan O’Brien would say. Would he reveal his next move? Say goodbye? Or just continue to bash the network that was so publicly screwing him over?

O’Brien took option three, and although we didn’t think it was very funny — it was more sad — he took pot shots at NBC all night long. Our favorite bit is in the video above, where O’Brien gets some help from “Deal or No Deal” host Howie Mandel as he continues to suss out his options.

Between making a public statement accusing NBC of trying to destroy the “Tonight Show” brand and publicly mocking his bosses, O’Brien is doing something unheard of in Hollywood: biting the hand that’s feeding him. But while he may be distancing himself from his corporate bosses, O’Brien is gathering up fans. All of the goodwill and support he’s built up over the past few days will ensure that where ever he ends up, fans will follow.

For a more definitive representation about how people are feeling about O’Brien today, let’s turn to Twitter. Research company Crimson Hexagon has compiled a survey of people’s sentiment towards O’Brien on the microblogging site. They found that only 22 percent of the reaction to the NBC shake up on Twitter was anti-Conan, with the rest either showing respect, pity or love for the host and anger toward the network.

After the jump, graphical representation of Crimson Hexagon’s data

In a related story, there are even rumors that Jay Leno may be thinking of exiting NBC as well. Certainly the network has put him in a tough spot with all the recent drama, but can he really walk away now?

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