Compete: US Reach Grew by 8% in May; Twitter Growth Flattens

May stats are out from Compete, and the web analytics company says US traffic to Facebook’s main consumer website increased by 8% during the month to 82.9 million uniques. For those keeping track at home, that’s back up from Facebook’s “dip” to 4.6% monthly growth in April after growing by 11% in March.

Traffic to Facebook Connect-enabled sites increased 14% in May to 65 million US uniques after growing by a whopping 40% in April.

Total Facebook Connect
Unique Visitors 113.0 MM 82.9 MM 65.0 MM
M/M growth 8.5% 7.9% 14.0%
Y/Y growth 253.7% 165.0% N/A

By contrast, however, Twitter was flat for the quarter in terms of reach. The site registered 19.7 million uniques for the month, up 1% from last month. Twitter’s audience grew by nearly 40% from March to April, so it’s surprising to see that curve flatten off rather quickly. MySpace traffic held at 56.9 million uniques for May, up 2% from April.

Twitter’s US audience growth decreased to 1% in May, according to Compete

Overall, 8% US audience growth (6.1 million incremental US uniques) to 82.9 million is an impressive clip for Facebook at this stage. Over 40% of the US internet population is now logging into Facebook each month.