Companies ‘Are Hiring, Just Not You’

Jobs are out there, but they’re not the jobs workers are trained for (or want to do).

Case in point: According to Bloomberg Businessweek, a disaster cleanup company has spent $2,000 on help-wanted ads since March. He’s not hiring for engineers or techs with specialized skills: he just wants sales and administrative help. The office jobs pay $40k while the sales jobs could be six-figures, yet he hasn’t gotten any good responses. “I want people to come out and work for me,” says Begal. “”Where are they?”

BB writes that Begal “first required sales candidates to have experience in marketing disaster-restoration services….Begal re-wrote the ads asking for two years of experience in any field. Not much better. He’s on his fourth rewrite, has dropped the need for two years’ experience, and is seeking applicants who are simply ‘hungry.'”

Where are the hungry people?

They’re stuck in different industries (though Begal opening the positions to just “hungry” workers should help a lucky few people), they’re stuck underwater on their mortgages, or they’re just stuck. “The more this drags on, the more concerned we should all be getting that a lot of human capital is being lost,” economist Daniel Aaronson told Bloomberg Businessweek.