Comme-ci, Comme-OC


This has been a good couple of weeks for park news. We were all worried around here at UnBeige HQ, as we’re sure you were too, that we’d been in a serious drought of park-related scoops for far too long. But then there was that announcement a while back about author Douglas Coupland helping design a park in Canada, and now, with a resounding sigh of relief, here’s an interesting site with info about a park being designed and built in Orange County in California (that’s right! just like the show: “Pacific Blue”!). Sure, there’s no famous Canadian behind it, but it’s an interesting read because the site is updating as the park goes from start to finish, from the ground breaking ceremony to hobo infestation. Of course it’s to show California tax payers that, “See? We’re actually doing something with this money!” but for those of us not there, it’s a terrific way to see how this kind of thing is all assembled. The big news this week for the Orange County Great Park is that the Ken Smith Lanscape Architect of New York design firm has been hired to put the whole thing together. Here’s some info on Smith’s vision of the park:

Smith’s conceptual design includes a man-made canyon that stretches from Irvine Boulevard along the northern edge of the park property, joins with the restored Agua Chinon stream channel, and ends in a lake feature. The lake will provide a backdrop of a proposed amphitheater. Smith also proposes to incorporate a remnant of the old runway into a linear park feature that would become an outdoor fighter plane museum.