comiXology Makes its PullList iOS App Free

If you’re not into comics, then you might only have heard comiXology as a digital comics distributor (eBookNewser has covered it before). But digital comics is only 1 thing that comiXology does.

comiXology got its start by providing tech services to comic book stores. One of its earlier projects was an app that let customers request certain titles from their local comic book store. This is called a “pull list”, which obviously explains the app’s name. It originally ran only on a website, but last year comiXology released this as an iOS app. The app is now free.

With this app, customers can create a list of titles that they would like to buy from a participating comic book store.  The app then sends that list to the store where more comiXology software integrates all the pull lists for the store into that store’s ordering system, thus making it easy for customers to get what they want and for the store to sell it to them.