Comings and Goings: Yahoo, NYT, Salt Lake Tribune

A few moves here and there to note, including the debut of Ben Zimmer as the “On Language” columnist for The New York Times magazine, replacing William Safire. Zimmer appeared on NPR’s Morning Edition today: “It is a little intimidating, I have to say, especially because I can’t reproduce William Safire’s very distinctive voice,” he said. “I’ll put my own stamp on it.” He’s the executive producer of and the nifty, and in a column cross-posted to both sites he discusses his new gig.

The Salt Lake Tribune announced yesterday that it is laying off ombudsman Connie Coyne due to budget considerations. (Romenesko)

And Sam Pullara, chief technologist for Yahoo, is leaving for the job of entrepreneur-in-residence at Benchmark Capital, according to Silicon Alley Insider.

This is my last day filling in for your customary blogger—now that Rachel’s Austin adventures are through, she’ll be rejoining you Monday. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your weekend!