Comedy Central Getting Brand Refresh, New Logo

In its first major refresh in 10 years, Comedy Central is revamping its look on-air and off. At the heart of the redesign is a new logo for the network, pictured above.

“10 years, that was the last time we did anything this meaningful,” said Bob Salazar, senior vice president/creative director, brand creative for Comedy Central. “If you think of social media, videogames, and the conventional competition, it has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. Even though the brand has never been as strong, we felt that refreshing it in our promotion and our branding, was something that we felt this moment in the network’s history would be the perfect time for.

Salazar says of the new double “C” logo with the upside down “Central” “it is the irreverent wink of Comedy Central.”

It will be replacing the current logo–pictured right–on-air starting January 1, with the website slated to get a new look January 11.

While the logo will be the most noticeable change, Salazar said the decision to refresh the network’s look was about bringing the channel into the 21st century. A key factor with the new logo is that it scales well, and fits in on platforms like twitter and Facebook.

“It is more than a logo, it is everything you know about Comedy Central but in this more modern proposition,” he said.

The network put together a “vibe reel” previewing what the new network promos will look like starting next month.

Also check out the explanation for the new logo at the top of the reel:

Our logo has changed. No longer do you see the big buildings and globe, that quite literally said COMEDY CENTRAL on top of it. Please welcome the new mark. We affectionately call it the COMEDY MARK. It works WAY F*CKING better than that other one we had. Big building globe, you served us well, but we moved on

Check it out below, and let us know what you think about the logo in the comments.

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