Comcast, Time Warner Cable Teaming with Sprint Again?

Haven’t we heard this one before?

The AP is reporting on a Wall Street Journal story about Comcast and Time Warner Cable being in talks with Sprint regarding a new a wireless Internet business, which Sprint would run.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Comcast and TWC, along with Cox and Bright House Networks joined forces with Sprint to launch an MVNO called Pivot. And since we see all those Pivot phones and advertisements – NOT – we know just how well that venture turned out (Sprint pulled the plug in November). Does anyone remember if any of the cablecos ever even got any Pivot subscribers?

Ah, but this new venture would use the WiMAX network that Sprint and Clearwire are building, the Journal says, so it would provide high-speed Internet access for not only cell phones, but also for laptops. Bright House is also reportedly involved.

Who knows? Maybe they’ll have better luck this time around.