Columbia’s Dean Lemann: ‘I Can’t Promise Anything’

dean_lemann_interview.jpgEarlier this year, Nicholas Lemann, the dean of the Columbia Journalism School, came under fire for cutting funding to CJR Daily, the online arm of the Columbia Journalism Review. Two editors quit in protest. Fairly or unfairly, Lemann quickly developed a gatekeeper reputation — a sort of “Pope of MSM” — for having what was viewed by some as an old-school, out-of-touch print logic. He bristled at that description, but is unapologetic on the potential for future cutbacks at CJR Daily:

mb: Are you saying you might have to cut back further?
Lemann: Yes, absolutely yes. We have a funding stream that will last for about two years. After that, I can’t promise anything.

  • So What Do You Do, Dean Lemann?